What is freeze dried?

The process of removing the water in fruits using freezing instead of heating is brilliant. Indeed, freeze dried food contains nearly all the nutrients present in the original products as opposed to heat dried products, which are deprived of most of them because of the high temperatures. Freeze drying consists of freezing the fresh produce, then using a vacuum-like process to remove the frozen water in the fruit. That leaves you with delicious fruits full of nutrients that weigh only a very small portion of the original weight and that do not go bad even after a long time.

Kids Love Them Too:

Kids love freeze-dried fruits as it is a delicious substitute for candy and sweets but it is packed with nutrients that they need. They are delicious and they will be back for more.

  • All Natural,
  • 100% Fruit
  • No GMO
  • No Sugar Added
  • Vegan

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