Try a box - £14.95
One day supply of your 5 a day each week

You can customise your box and select which items are delivered. Change or cancel anytime within your account area.

£2.99 per snack/£14.95


Your 5 A Day - No fuss

Free deliveries worldwide

Your 5 a day delivered weekly for free

Cancel anytime

You are not tied to a subscription

long lasting

Stop chasing expiration dates

  • We have preselected your daily 5
  • Each contains a portion of your 5 a day
  • You can change your daily 5 choices if you want
  • Your daily 5 are delivered weekly
  • Your daily 5 are delivered weekly
  • You can stop deliveries at any time


No Contract. You can cancel anytime or change delivery dates whenever you wish


What Our Customer Saying?

Michaela Walker

I subscribe and i dont have to keep on top of it. So excited when it arrives, Lots to munch on!

Michaela Walker

Social Marketing

Single, natural ingredients i can experiement with.


Charlotte Green

I like the powders, i can make my own juice without worrying what else has been added to it

Charlotte Green

Cris Horwang

I never have time to buy fruits and they always go bad. I love to snack so this makes it easy

Cris Horwang


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